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Today's topic:  TOPIC

Today’s Topic:  Contentment

I received a text from someone this morning and it tied into what we had been speaking about.

In the text she made reference to biblical passages and I agree that we should reference any and all things that bring us hope and joy however I also shared the following...

All of it comes from within, as God instilled it in all of us, we have it all.

We have what some label as the good and we have what some label as the bad.

Remember, they are only qualities, aspects of ourselves, thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs however, we must understand that there is an opportunity in finding all of it!

Someone labeled it bad or good then taught us how to push down the qualities they did not like however that was preventing you (all of us) from being ourselves.

Why did we do it?

Why did we comply?

The answer varies from person to person however it is usually a form of acceptance.

We wanted to be loved, to feel compassion, to have companionship, we wanted to be liked, valued, appreciated, feel like we belonged and we may have even felt we would not be safe unless we complied therefore we did.

As a result of the desire to be accepted, we sacrificed ourselves, our souls, our safety, our (fill in the blank).

The opportunity now in feeling lack of contentment, or whatever you are feeling the lack of, is to peel back all of the crap that others have stacked on top of us, not only in this lifetime, but also that which we inherited via our DNA. 

Once we understand the above we can begin to uncover all of who we are, which includes contentment.

It’s a choice!

Something I look at daily is a gift a dear friend gave to me and it is called, Jesus’s Calling.

In today’s message, it made reference to something very similar however the message was, even in those moments, he is working and we have to trust and believe that he’s guiding us where we need to be.

My awareness is, you are exactly where you need to be because if you are NOT feeling contentment then YOU need to do your work and uncover why YOU are not feeling content. 

When you do the work, and continue to do it on a daily basis in whatever fashion you are called to, you will uncover YOUR TRUTH and that is where you will find contentment!

We can not find contentment or anything for that matter externally in other people or situations, you need to find that within.

What I find with my clients is all of these incorrect perceptions and disowned parts of themselves keep them hostage in their own lives and the thought of going inward may be fearful however that is where you need to go.

It does not mean you have to do it alone, find what works for you and do that as that is what is going to support you in uncovering ALL OF YOU!

Believe it or not, all of it is a gift to help you find your way back home and HOME IS WHERE YOU RESIDE and WHERE YOU RESIDE IS IN YOUR OWN BODY!

Think of this, no matter where you go, YOU ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU therefore that is your home!  Your body, your mind houses your soul and your spirit so welcome all of it back home so you can FINALLY BE!

I have told my children for years, and now I tell everyone...


If you do not know what true to yourself is, that is a starting point! 

Curiosity will guide you to where you need to be!

I have created a version of Intuitive Massage with Charlene which involves that connection, that awareness and when you are ready for a full session that incorporates the massage to move those incorrect thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, perceptions and disowned parts of yourself out of your body, then we can move forward into that type of session.

Now I want to clarify my usage of the words “incorrect perceptions, etc...”.

I called them incorrect because if they were correct thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, perceptions then you would not have the physical, emotional, psychological and/or mental pains that you are experiencing.

If you are like me, I blocked “feelings/emotions” for so long as that was my safety growing up.

I was not consciously aware that I was doing this however I now am and I am aware of the fact that because of that defense/safety mechanism, even going through cancer treatments I was never in pain. 

How is that possible?

Because of our programming and our profiles which are safety/defense mechanisms we utilize to keep ourselves safe.

I became aware of the fact that my defense mechanism allowed me not to feel however I realized that the cancer was a calling, the inability to manifest what I truly wanted was a calling therefore I opened my eyes and as my first insurance employer would call it, I pulled my head out of my ass, and became conscious!

I became consciously aware of what was in my way and what was in my way was those incorrect thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions, perceptions and those parts of myself that I disowned because someone or many people told me that it was not OK to BE me and ACT in such a manner.


Start now, begin calling yourself home as everything is already there, you just need to move stuff out of the way that others have stacked and/or piled on top of you and prevented you from being you!

If that does not work and you need it to be said in a harsher fashion, OK I can do that and I thank my first employer for gifting me with that phrase I mentioned above.

It is time for YOU TO PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS and become consciously aware of what is in your way.

Think of that statement for a minute...

Yes, if our heads our up our ass then we do have hear or see or speak properly due to the fact that you/we are hiding and where are you hiding?

You are hiding WITHIN YOURSELF hence the reason it is not so easy for many people to go inward as it is scarier than living what you are living now.

Question:  Is that the truth?     

Answer:  NO, of course that is not true!

The life you are living right now is the scariest version of you as it is NOT YOU!

I have had many clients say to me, after they get off the massage table, that they don’t feel like themselves.

My response has always been, what makes you think the person you have been has been you?  YOU are carrying around everyone else’s baggage, everyone else’s fears, everyone else’s incorrect perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and their disowned parts of themselves!

Just think how much lighter you are going to feel as you let all of those Incorrect Perceptions go!

Many blessings to you on your journey!

YOU can do it as YOU have all the tools, YOU just need to know that YOU trust, believe and support yourself because looking for others to do that will only leave you disappointed an in a state where you find yourself lacking contentment!

Contentment, or anything, comes from within so if you are lacking, you need to explore the key I shared above.

I hope to see you either via my on-line services or once you are ready, on that massage table to RELEASE THE PAINS OF YOUR PAST!

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