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An energy modality that considers what is happening in your life, where the physical pain is in your body so that certain techniques can be utilized to remove blockages and realign your body's natural rhythm, flow and balance.  

Life happens and when it does, blockages occur in the body as well as the energetic pathways.  

Polarity opens these pathways by using specific techniques and certain meridian points (acupuncture/acupressure points) to move that blocked energy out of that particular pathway which thereby releases pain from your body and naturally realigns you with your natural rhythm, flow, harmony and balance while leaving you feeling renewed, refreshed and energized.


RYSE is an energy modality that serves to realign your body's energetic systems.  

RYSE stands for Raise Your Sublime Energetic Systems which include your Chakras, Aura, Ida & Pingala, Air Pattern and more.  

RYSE helps you to clean, clear, repair and align your energetic systems while also releasing any energetic cords, expectations and more.

RYSE can be experienced in a one time session or by completing the 4 part sessions. The financial investment is per session.

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