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Today's topic: Prolapse Issues (Rectal) 

Before I go deeper into the material, I would like to say that it really does not matter where the prolapse is occurring as it is all about what is underneath.

Where it is occurring tells more of your personal story so I wanted to explain that so you understand the components I am looking at.

I shared with my client that I had Mitral value prolapse.

Why is hers Rectal prolapse vs the Mitral value prolapse I developed?

As I spoke to the client and learned more about her Rectal prolapse issue, I shared that I had Mitral value prolapse and it was found right after I got married.

My Mitral valve prolapse had to do with the heart.  My Client’s Rectal Prolapse had to do with the rectum.  Each area corresponds to so many things like, the elements and the chakras to mention a few.

Mitral valve Prolapse is the Heart Chakra which is about the Fire Element.  The Fire Element is about Joy and/or the lack thereof.

As I spoke to my client, who is also a friend, I said OMG subconsciously my belief was, Now I’m married therefore there is No More Joy! WOW!  Is that what I saw when I was a child?

Was that the programming that is stuck in my cellular memory and/or my inherited DNA?

Rectal Prolapse is the Rectum.

When I consider the location, I am aware of the fact that it involves the Large Intestines, more so the lower intestine connecting to the colon.

This area tells me the issue involves the 1st chakra and possible the 2nd chakra and based on what I am going to share, it also comprises the 3rd chakra as the individual is being held back from being herself because of emotions and ancestral baggage in the form of her DNA.

When I spoke to my client this morning, she mentioned that she having a number of issues however the biggest concern was that pertaining to Rectal & Bladder Prolapse.

She has been having a lot of dreams around all of this as well and as we spoke, I pointed out that the problem is quite simple.

She is having issues around the emotion of FEAR.

I explained that FEAR is underneath ALL emotions.

 I also shared that the area of her concern clearly had to do with a few Elements, that being the Metal Element & the Water Element.

I shared that it all had to do with either something she experienced as a child and has taken up residency in her body on a cellular level or something she inherited via her DNA.

I also shared that it is coming up now because of the huge changes in her life that are taking off so now the past issues of Letting Go (Constipation, Rectal Prolapse, Bladder Prolapse) are presenting themselves due to Fear.

As we spoke, she said all she can think of is something she saw on Rotten(dot)com in which there was a body builder lifting a large amount of weight and as he held it over his shoulders (or on his shoulders, whatever they do), she said his rectum came out. It was so intense that it even went through his shorts.

I said, of course it did.

Question: Think about this, he was lifting what? 

Answer: Weights

Question: Weights are made of what?

Answer: Metal

Yes, you are correct Metal which means there could be issues going on subconsciously with the Metal Element.

The Metal Element has to do with the Lungs and the Large Intestines.

The Lung and Large Intestine Meridians actual reflex with the specific organ and the corresponding emotion which is grief.

 Now consider what he was doing...

Because his body holds so much grief, emotionally, energetically, psychologically and obviously physically, unconsciously he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Shoulders have to do with expectations.

Question: What are those expectations? Are they to perform and be the best or to prove how strong and capable he is or something else?

Question: Whos’ expectations, are they? Are they his or are they the expectations of other individuals that were put on him during childhood, throughout his life, inherited via DNA, or is there a combination of these?

She further shared she saw this 20 years ago.

I reaffirmed that this contributed to a body memory (cellular level programming) that she already held in her systems and it may have been stored well before then, it may have been stored at a body level via DNA then this just reinforces whatever fear is stored in the body and will present itself when you are trying to move forward in some area of your life.

The fear of your rectum falling out will definitely prevent you from moving forward.

She then shared that it made her feel like she had to vomit.

She continued to share that as a child she was always constipated.

She would hold and hold until she felt like it would come out other parts of her body, she even referenced her throat.

She shared that a friend of hers told her that she too had this Rectal prolapse due to pushing.

I shared that pushing is a forceful maybe even violent attempt to let go rather than going with the flow.

I am obviously meaning this in the broadest sense not just in reference to elimination. Therefore, there are some other factors to consider like what emotions are stored in her cellular memory about pushing against rather than going with the flow?

Where in your life and/or her life do you find you are pushing rather than going with the flow? Message is in there!

She mentioned her dream about her bladder coming out.

I reminder her that the Bladder has to do with the Water Element, which has to do with emotions and if you think about emotions, they reside in the 2nd chakra even though they can be held in other areas of the body. All of that occurs as a safety mechanism to try and prevent you from seeing and figuring out what is really going on. It is a safety mechanism therefore it wants to keep you stuck, in pain and unable to move forward in your life as that is all they and the cellular memory knows. If you try to change that memory it is going to stress out and do all these wonderful things to try and prevent you from healing and releasing the past.

To continue with this explanation, the water element is comprised of the Bladder and the Kidney Meridians, both have to do with the emotion of Fear and as stated above, both reflex to the actual physical organ.

She said she is so afraid of the bladder falling out then if she pushes it back in, she will get an infection from touching it to put it back in.

Her comment was, “Maybe I should do a bladder sling however I have metal allergies”

My response: OF COURSE, YOU DO!

This is interesting on so many levels and I will tell you why!

I shared that the grief of the metal element wants to come out however because of the fear, instead of letting it go, the emotion, she is looking to actually push (force) the organ back into the body.

How is that any different than what you have been doing in your life?

Do you think that maybe if you can’t let go of the emotion the next best things would be to let the actual organ release so the body and your subconscious can no longer hold against the emotion that is trying to release from your cellular memory?

Consider all the work we have been doing and what you have been trying to release? Does this make sense?

Yes, of course it does! I would not want my organs falling out either however I have other friends that had similar issues and they too have issues with letting go!


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