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Consider this area as your all access pass to resources for your body and soul.  Discover new ways of interpreting how your body speaks to you through your pains, sleep patterns and other avenues.  I am always adding new insights here, so check back often. 

Currently you'll find things like:

  • My "About Me" section and Treatment Menu
  • Testimonials
  • Free Resources
    • Meridian Clock (Find out what it means when you're waking in the night and don't know why)
    • Psychological Signs of Blocked Chakras
    • Foot Reflexology (Adult & Baby)
    • Hand Reflexology
    • Teeth & Tongue Reflexology
    • Ear Reflexology
    • Meridian Chart by Cindy Black

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About Charlene

Charlene's signature massage, Intuitive Massage with Charlene, is a technique she created from  her 20+ years of knowledge and experience working with various energy modalities and  incorporates massage to take it to the next level.

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Connect via all social media links here:

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Treatment Menu

The Treatment Menu is a list of all the services Charlene currently provides. Read, compare and choose which treatment is right for you.  If you need help, just click the "Is this right for me" link and set up a quick clarity call with Charlene to assist you.

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