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Treatment Menu:

Massage Membership

Monthly Massage Membership is the package that gives the best financial savings for those committed to their physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual well-being through self-care. 

This package is offered for Swedish, Deep Tissue and Intuitive Massage only.

Click the "Learn More" button for the list of BENEFITS of this package and review the EFTA.

Benefits of Monthly Massage

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Massage Packages

The goal is to have more people care for themselves through the gift of Self Care. 

Massage has many known benefits, such as:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Deepens Sleep
  • Increases Circulation
  • Limits Depression
  • Improves Flexibility
  • Aids Digestion
  • Better Bond with Baby
  • And so much more

Since the health benefits range from physical and emotional to psychological and beyond, why aren't you investing in your own Self Care?

Massage allows you the opportunity for freedom and flexibility in many aspects of your life. 

Massage creates space within the mind, body and soul which thereby frees you of the above mentioned pains and so many more.

The more you invest in yourself and your healing, the more you save!

Build your own massage package or gift one to someone you love.

This gift of self care begins with you selecting the type of massage you would like then determine the number of sessions you plan to have for that month, apply the applicable discount, pay the package in full then book your sessions.

It's that simple.

Specials and Gift Certificates

The gift of massage, whether enjoyed by you or provided to a special someone, brings with it a multitude of benefits.

The gift of massage sends the message that you are worthy and deserving of "You Time", time that allows you to relax, unwind and release the pains of the past.  

As you and/or your special someone experience this gift of relaxation, the feeling of being loved, valued, appreciated, adored, and supported will ignite the soul. 

The more you participate in Self Care Rituals, the deeper your connection to this relaxation and emotional response will be. 

Consider the Gift of Massage through our Gift Certificates, Gift Certificate Promotions as well as our Monthly Gift Packages. 

There is no better time than now to think about the gift of Self Care.

Continue on to view and purchase:

  • Gift Certificates for Every Day Uses
  • Monthly Specials
  • Holiday Specials

Traditional Massages

Traditional massages can bring the body into a state of relaxation, and help relieve pain residing deep within the body.  A perfect way to relax and reset the body and mind.

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    • Deep
    • Intense

Specialty Massages

Charlene's unique specialty massages incorporate various modalities and techniques to soothe chronic pains, detoxify the body and release stored cellular emotions from your DNA. 

  • Charlene’s Signature Massage:  Intuitive Massage with Charlene
  • Medical Massage
  • Rivers Edge
  • Mother to Be Massage
  • Meridian Massage*
  • Lomi Lomi Massage*
  • Reflexology*
  • Cupping*

*Inquire about these special massages/modalities by contacting Charlene when you book your massage

Focus Work

Many of us hold tension, stresses, emotions and physical pain in specific areas of the body.  This work focuses on that particular area of the body allowing your body to relax as the tension releases.  Do not be fooled thinking the work is gentle as it is not.  Much of my work is referred to as "intense" because the feeling and release one experiences is INTENSE however once released, your body relaxes and you feel like a new person.  Clients have said they do not feel like themselves!  My response has been... what makes you think that what you have been feeling is yourself?  We come from a bloodline therefore you may be feeling DNA and/or Ancestral residue.  In this area of work, the focus areas include the following...

  • Glute/Sacrum Release
  • Neck/Shoulders/Upper Trap/Upper Spinal Release


Body treatments offer another alternative to the various massage therapies that are available.

  • Scrubs
  • Wraps
  • Exfoliations
  • Detoxification

Energy Work

Energy Work is an alternative to massage and body treatments as it allows the individual to relax and release tension from the sublime energetic systems which include the Chakras, Aura, Ida Pingala, Air Pathway and many more, while remaining fully clothed.  The energy modalities offered include the the following...   

  • Polarity
  • RYSE

Ask Charlene - Intuitive (Remote) Sessions

Ever wonder what the meaning is within the pain you are experiencing? Ask Charlene can assist you in this area.

Book an Intuitive Session with Charlene and she will walk you through discovering what your pains mean specifically to you and help you to release those pains.

Intuitive Parties & Get Togethers

We all love to get together and have fun! 

Intuitive Parties/Gatherings take on a whole new meaning to the word FUN!

Lets get together to relax and unwind while learning what lies beneath our pain(s) and discomfort thereby setting yourself free from the pains of your past! 

These gatherings are offered in a number of ways:

  • In Person
  • Zoom Parties
  • Combination of In Person and Zoom Party
  • Add on Intuitive Readings with Nicole Majik

What will be brought to light:

  • An understanding of how the body holds meanings from the past, yours and/or those that you inherited via your DNA.
  • Understand the possible meanings of your physical, emotional and/or psychological pains as nothing is black and white therefore you will take the information that is shared and apply it to what you know about your life and/or have experienced to understand why the pain is held in that area of the body.
  • Guided through a process of releasing those pains of the past
  • Techniques on how to continue the work

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