Intuitive Parties & Get Togethers

What does having a party entail?

A party is like any other party, you decide when you would like to host the event and put together a list of people you would like to attend.  Decide if you would like the party to be in-person or a zoom party or a combination party.  Decide if your party is going to be Individual or a Group setting.  This means that I will either work with your guests one on one or we can work collectively as a group, it all depends on how you and your guest would like to experience the work.  Once these decisions are made, you and I will book the event, you invite your guests and we hold the party on the date and time agreed to.

How many people should I invite?

The number of guests depends on you however it should be stated that the party normally lasts for 1 1/2 to 2 hours therefore if you are doing any Add On Intuitive Readings with Nicole Majik, the number of people should be kept to 6 to allow for individual sessions. 

What you get:

  • Insight and awareness into the possibilities of the various meanings of your pain.  It is no coincidence you are holding pain in the area(s) of your  body that you are holding the pain in.  Lets explore and discuss all of the meanings.    
  • A understanding of how the body holds meanings from the past, yours or those that you inherited via your DNA.
  • Understand the possible meanings of your physical, emotional and/or psychological pains as nothing is black and white therefore you will take the information that is shared and apply it to what you know about your life and/or have experienced to understand why the pain is held in that area of the body.
  • Guided through a process of releasing those pains of the past
  • Techniques on how to continue the work

Add on Intuitive Aura Reading with Nicole Majik

Things manifest in the aura before they manifest in the physical. What information is your aura emitting? Find out with an intuitive aura reading with Nicole.

Some of the areas that are focused on are:

💙 What's going on with you right now

💖 Blocks to your success - and how to overcome them

💜 Relationships/Energy between you and others

💚 What's coming up in the near future

💛 Spirits/Guides/Angels in your field and possible messages from them

Anything else that comes up will be communicated. Every experience is unique to the individual. Tools, guidance and techniques are always given to help overcome any blocks or resistances seen standing in between you and success/achieving your goals.

Nicole has seen auras all her life and sees various things within energy fields such as:

🌈 Spirits/Guides/Angels

🌈 Sacred Geometries

🌈 Colors and Light Eminations

🌈 Stressors/Blocks creating self sabotage

🌈 Entities and negative attachments

🌈 Chakra imbalances

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