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This package is offered for the most popular massages:  Swedish, Deep Tissue and Intuitive Massage

Monthly Massage Membership is the package that gives the best financial savings for those committed to their physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual well-being through self-care.

BENEFITS of having a Monthly Massage Membership:

  • Savings – Your monthly membership allows you to save money from the non-member pricing.
  • Prioritization – Your self-care is important and by pre-booking your appointments you are sending yourself the message of self-importance and that you are worthy & deserving to receive. 
  • Relaxation - A ritual of self-care through massage allows the body to relax, release and unwind from the various tension and stress that is held in the body as a result of external stimuli.
  • Space - Massage creates space within the body, mind and soul which thereby allows for new manifestations to occur.  When space occurs you are free to welcome in what you truly desire while releasing what no longer serves you and holds you back from achieving your dreams, goals, and aspirations.
  • Awareness – Massage can help you gain a deeper awareness and understanding of your personal experiences so you can reach new depths within your personal development. 
  • Personal Growth:  Healing occurs as a natural physiological response to repeated exposure to sources, such as massage that can facilitate toxin removal, tissue regeneration as well as mental wellbeing. 
  • Ease:  No need to think or stress about your next appointment since your massages are arranged in advance! 
  • Payment: Easy Peasy.  Payments are routinely made at the same time each month, so you don’t have to stress over remembering to pay your bill.     

Benefits of Monthly Massage:

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